Monday, February 18, 2008

Latte's ode to Spring

***Not eligible for prizes***

Blue Daffodil

By: Latte's Meowmy April, 2006

A sweet little bud of a flower
Poked its head above the frosty ground
One sunny crisp winter morning.

A golden bud wrapped in a
Protective embrace of fresh leaves
And a sturdy stem.

Stay close to the ground little flower.
Keep nestled in the toasty
leaves of last fall,
Let the Spring come to you.

Wait little flower!
Do not unfurl your petals
Into the biting cold and frosty air,
It is not yet time for your glory!

You must wait a while yet,
Let the crocuses and tulips
Make their first appearances,
Stay protected in your warm embraces.

A tiny little bunny hopes along
And comes upon your restful bed.
Hungry little bunny takes a nibble
Of your sweet young leaves leaving
You injured and in pain.

I will fix you little flower for I know
You are special.
Here I am with steaks and burlap,
I shall save you from hungry little bunnies,
and the cruel winter frosts.

I will check on you every hour,
I will water you every day,
I will prop up your glorious head
Until you are ready to unfurl your glory.

I will do this everyday forever.
I will tend to your needs,
I will grow you some friends,
I will keep you sheltered and happy.

One day I awoke to a beautiful
Spring morning with birds chirping
And a gentle warm breeze.
Racing outside to tend to you I
Found you in a special state of joy.

Instead of my sickly little bud
A glorious flower stood in its place.
With blue petals to match the brilliant sky
And a white center the color of
The happy clouds
You stood there beaming at me.

Thank you little flower.
Thank you for giving me the gift
Of unconditional love.

Thank you little flower.
Thank you for teaching me
To never give up hope and to
Persevere when others falter.

You and I will always
Have our early spring.
When you wake up again next year
You’ll know to wait until the ground is soft.
You’ll know that when you do return,
I will tend to you for all the springs to come.


Anonymous said...

*sniff* Mom loves that beautiful poem!

MoMo said...

This is lovely. I vote for Latte to be included in the Honourable Mention.

michico*Adan said...

I love for Latte!!!