Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring with Tybalt

The Easter Time is the Egg Time
And the Egg Time is the Easter Time

~Sung to me by mommy, as sung to her by Grandmama~

I had to think a lot about what spring means to me. Spring is exciting for a lot of reasons. With Spring comes my birthday (I'll be two!), baby bunnies, frisky squirrels, more birdies, lots of kittens, blossoming flowers, and Easter. I decided that fluffyhead easter bunnies were the way to go, so here I am celebrating bunny love!


by Tybalt

Oh, Spring!

You bring so much joy to my heart,

I wish that we never more would part.

Open windows bring warm breezes and sunshine,

blowing gently through my furs and brightening up my mind.

Timmy the Squirrel comes to visit me more

and taunts me through my opened front door.

Birdies sing and chatter and fly by

and the sight makes me so happy that I sit and sigh.

Oh, Spring!

Please come and make me happy again!
I have missed you so, my warm and sunny friend.

And let us not forget the best part of floofyhead bunny pals . . . the bunnykicking!

Happy Spring, Everykitty!

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Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I love the whole entry but I have to say...the bunny kicking ROCKS!!