Friday, February 29, 2008

Socks, Scylla & Charybdis ~ Spring is......................

Spring is kittens

Spring is ..........................trees to climb

Spring is .........................birds at the bird feeder and a sunny spot. I love to feel the warm sun on my fur, and a basket full of clean laundry in the sunshine is the perfect spot for a nap. Especially since I can watch the birds when I wake up.

Spring is and picnics.

Spring is ......................butterflies at the Whiskers' Memorial Butterfly Garden

Spring is .........................freshly mown grass and friends to play with.

You can find us at Alasandra & The Cats.

Beau's Spring

Ah Spring!
Chirpy Birds and Sun spots
Times yet this year
I still have not seen!
Ah Spring!
Where is thy green?

Outside in Our Enclosure

This morning was perfect Spring-like weather to lie around in our new enclosure soaking up the shade clouds and sniffing the breezes and listening to the fev-vers at the fev-ver feeder. If you click to biggify on Reno's picture, you'll notice the Aristocrat Pear tree is just about ready to burst into bloom.

Luf, Us
Lucy in the Breeze in Springtime
by Lucy
(Inspired by The Beatles)
I picture myself in the breeze in the springtime
With flowers and sunshine and soft gentle purrs
If somebody calls me I’ll just ignore them
I’m a girlcat with the breeze in my furs.

Beautiful colors of pink and nip green
Are filling my pretty head
I’m just a ragdoll with the breeze in my furs
And I purr …

Lucy in the breeze in springtime
Lucy in the breeze in springtime
Lucy in the breeze in springtime
Purrr ... purrrr ......

Follow me down to a patch of wildflowers
Where catnip and grasses do hide
We’ll nibble and munch on the kitty hors d’oeuvres
And get so incredibly high.

Fevvers and chipmunks arrive in the yard
So we can chase them away
We'll climb in the trees with our heads in the clouds
And we'll purr ...

Lucy in the breeze in springtime
Lucy in the breeze in springtime
Lucy in the breeze in springtime
Purrr ... purrrr .........

I Feel the Sun
by Rocky
(inspired by The Beatles)

Everykitty ... it's been a long cold lonely winter
Everykitty ... it's been nine lives since it's been here
I feel the sun, I feel the sun
And it feels so nice!

Everykitty ... smiles are returning to our faces
Everykitty ... it's been nine lives since it's been here
I feel the sun, I feel the sun
And it feels so nice!

Sun, sun, sun, stretch in the sun!
Sun, sun, sun, bask in the sun!
Sun, sun, sun, laze in the sun!
Sun, sun, sun, lounge in the sun!
Sun, sun, sun, purr in the sun!

Everykitty ... I feel the ice is finally melting
Everykitty ... it's been nine lives since it's been clear
I feel the sun, I feel the sun
And it feels so nice!

Roll in the sun, wallow in the sun, drool in the sun
It feels so nice, it feels so nice!

Spring with Tybalt

The Easter Time is the Egg Time
And the Egg Time is the Easter Time

~Sung to me by mommy, as sung to her by Grandmama~

I had to think a lot about what spring means to me. Spring is exciting for a lot of reasons. With Spring comes my birthday (I'll be two!), baby bunnies, frisky squirrels, more birdies, lots of kittens, blossoming flowers, and Easter. I decided that fluffyhead easter bunnies were the way to go, so here I am celebrating bunny love!


by Tybalt

Oh, Spring!

You bring so much joy to my heart,

I wish that we never more would part.

Open windows bring warm breezes and sunshine,

blowing gently through my furs and brightening up my mind.

Timmy the Squirrel comes to visit me more

and taunts me through my opened front door.

Birdies sing and chatter and fly by

and the sight makes me so happy that I sit and sigh.

Oh, Spring!

Please come and make me happy again!
I have missed you so, my warm and sunny friend.

And let us not forget the best part of floofyhead bunny pals . . . the bunnykicking!

Happy Spring, Everykitty!

Faith Boomerang in the Sun

Like all of our new kittens, this is little Faith Boomerang's first spring.
Although the temperatures here on the Texas Gulf Coast are in the 80's, we can still tell Spring is on its way. Here, Faith rests in the sunlight filtering in through the clawmarks in the curtains.

[Faith: okey-dokey, now Sanjee won't put tha bitey on me, right?]

Spring Sun - The Cats Stephens

Our favotie thing about Spring is the blinds open up, sometimes the windows too, and we get to bask in the warm sun. We wrote a poem about it together...

We can't deny that spring has sprung,
As we bask all day in the bright, sun,
And those days they stretch deeper into spring,
We must worship, while the wild birds sing.

Percy, Eliot, Emily and Abbie
(The Cats Stephens)

Diamond dreams of exploring spring


(with appologies to Pet Clark)

Winter was cold, but the snow is all gone now
And it is time to go

Maybe you know a clever place you can hide
Where you'll never show,

Listen to the birdies singing songs up in the trees now,
Chase the squirrels, check out the blooms
and explore all of the scenery. It's time to escape...
You can forget all the humans; forget their affairs, and go
Outside -- Flowers are blooming there
Outside -- The skies are much bluer there
Outside -- Springtime is waiting for you

Chase the bugs, attack the grass and roll round in clover
You'll be basking in the sun before day is over
Happy again...

The grass is much greener there,
You can forget all the humans; forget their affairs, and go
Outside -- Flowers are blooming there
Outside -- The skies are much bluer there
Outside -- Springtime is waiting for you

Irish Eyes are smiling through the month of March at Diamond's Lair, a.k.a., the Black Cat Pub!

Merlin's First Spring!

(Please click to view a larger image)

Since I am just a kitten, as was born on September 2nd, 2007, I have never experienced Spring! Dragonheart tells me that it is a wonderful time of year, with warm weather, flowers blooming, lots of birdies, and plenty of sun. I can't wait to experience my very first spring, since I love the sun and I love warmth!

Dragonheart's Spring

Dragonheart on his harness
(Please click to view the full image)

Spring to me means exploring our Garten (yard) on my harness with my dad! My harness even matches my dad's uniform. We are best buds, and enjoy spending time in the warm sun together.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The best spring flower of them all

Flowers come in Yellow blues and Pink not all them are safe for cats. But i wanted to tell you about the saftet most styleing one of a kind spring flower of them all. This flower Is very very pretty and even roots for the red sox This flower even has spots and a great sence of fashion. What is it were can I get it? you ask . The anwer is

IT ME !!!! ......YOUR Very Own Spring Lilly

what dose sring mean to me

Hi all Mu shue pooh king cat here. I wanted to tell you what spring means to me!!

Yes it mean going out side my harness. It means the brids will be back the grass will be green

But best of all it mean the two word that warm my ginnger heart right up .......FRESH NIP!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

jeter'z ode to spring

spring ...
da time wen boyz an men* put on dere baseball capz an watch dere favrit playerz get readee fer a grate seezon.
i luv spring trainin!
go yankeez.
*an girlz an women, too.
frum yer frend jh

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Is Coming

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You're one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
A cloud comes over the sunlit arch,
A wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you're two months back in the middle of March.

Robert Frost (1874–1963) Two Tramps in Mud Time (1936)

April Showurs Brings May...

What's that, Rosie?
I DID make this up! Now, if I may continue...

April showurs brings May Sunshine, Burdies, Sidewalk Peepul Walkurs and FLOWERS!

Baby Mao - Spring Has Sprung!

Daisy's Springtime Peeps

Springtime Peeps are on my mind
The pretty, gooey, sugary kind
This can only mean one thing:
It is finally almost Spring!
Eating a Peep, so sweet and sticky
Chases away weather cold and icky
My Peeps have something important to say:
"Winter, winter, go away!"

by Daisy the Curly Cat

Monday, February 25, 2008

What Springs Means to Me

Sitting out in the yard, enjoying the late winter sunshine, it was beginning to feel like spring! It made me consider what spring means to me. It means...

Taking a sip out of the bird bath

Using a real wooden fence as a scratching post!

The first whiff of the first daffodil!

Enjoying it all with your family!

A time of rebirth
A time of renewal
A time of tolerance towards the younger ones!

Marilyn's Etheree for Spring

Off white fur:
Could it be time
To celebrate Spring?
I lie still and listen
For birdsong, longing to see
The flutter of wings, the vivid
Hues of wildflowers that line the creek.
When Spring comes, I'll be here to welcome her.

by Marilyn MonREOW, from Gentlemen Prefers Blondes

Dorydoo and the Sunbeam

A black cat,
I sleep in the velvet dark
Through which a sunbeam breaks.

It wakes me,
And I look into its face.

It smiles, yellow-warm
Like my eyes,
And promises me
That Spring will be here soon.

by Dorydoo from The Ballicus Blog

MaoMao Snoozing in the Sun

Is Spring here yet? It sure feels like it, cuz this sunspot's so warm.

So Spring isn't here quite yet? Dagnabbit... well, I'll keep on snoozin, and maybe it'll be here next time I wakies!

MaoMao from the Ballicus Blog

Brainball's Waiting for Spring

A sunspot, as I lie on the cat perch! Must mean Spring is on its way. Sunshine warms all layers of my floof -- and that's saying something, because I've got a lot of floof!

Hurry up, Spring! I'm ready!

Brainball from The Ballicus Blog

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Flower Frenzy

Mum does not normally buy real flowers as I eat them. Today she decided we needed a lift with all of the winter weather. So the flowers were tasty and they look purrty too. We want spring to come really soon so that we will have real flowers in our own yard. Hurry up spring!







Friday, February 22, 2008

Springtime for Skeeter

When celebrating Spring, it is important that a cat find a spot that shows off his colors to best effect. The purple grape hyacinths and the green grass seemed a most excellent spot!

"Spring has sprung, the flowers riz, I wonder where the mousies is?" - Skeeter Buddy Spencer

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring Has Sprung for Yao-Lin

'In the spring a young cat's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of loving himself'. (Alfred Cat Tennyson).

Ta ta for now

HRH Yao-Lin

Monday, February 18, 2008

Junior loves the Sun in Spring


Sweet little Robin
Fly to me; I lay quiet
Watching you, silent


It's a Magical Spring Thing

Spring is a Magical Thing here in the Deep South, GA.
We start out with Tiny Baby Squirrels in their Hidey Hole in one of our Pecan Trees. Our trees are bare after dropping their leaves and Pecans in the fall. They look sparse and gray and sleepy.
And then, the squirrels grow into Evil Squirrels and teeny tiny shoots of green appear on the trees.... Bigify and look closely. Can you see the leaves sprouting?Then before we know it, we have this!
Spring is a Magical Thing!

Gandalf & Grayson wish you all a glorious Spring Fling!!

The Taylor Cats ode to Spring

Flowers are our greatest Silent Friends. You should always stop to smell
the flowers on your journey through life.

(Thanks to Zoolatry for the photo help)
The Taylor Cats

Latte's ode to Spring

***Not eligible for prizes***

Blue Daffodil

By: Latte's Meowmy April, 2006

A sweet little bud of a flower
Poked its head above the frosty ground
One sunny crisp winter morning.

A golden bud wrapped in a
Protective embrace of fresh leaves
And a sturdy stem.

Stay close to the ground little flower.
Keep nestled in the toasty
leaves of last fall,
Let the Spring come to you.

Wait little flower!
Do not unfurl your petals
Into the biting cold and frosty air,
It is not yet time for your glory!

You must wait a while yet,
Let the crocuses and tulips
Make their first appearances,
Stay protected in your warm embraces.

A tiny little bunny hopes along
And comes upon your restful bed.
Hungry little bunny takes a nibble
Of your sweet young leaves leaving
You injured and in pain.

I will fix you little flower for I know
You are special.
Here I am with steaks and burlap,
I shall save you from hungry little bunnies,
and the cruel winter frosts.

I will check on you every hour,
I will water you every day,
I will prop up your glorious head
Until you are ready to unfurl your glory.

I will do this everyday forever.
I will tend to your needs,
I will grow you some friends,
I will keep you sheltered and happy.

One day I awoke to a beautiful
Spring morning with birds chirping
And a gentle warm breeze.
Racing outside to tend to you I
Found you in a special state of joy.

Instead of my sickly little bud
A glorious flower stood in its place.
With blue petals to match the brilliant sky
And a white center the color of
The happy clouds
You stood there beaming at me.

Thank you little flower.
Thank you for giving me the gift
Of unconditional love.

Thank you little flower.
Thank you for teaching me
To never give up hope and to
Persevere when others falter.

You and I will always
Have our early spring.
When you wake up again next year
You’ll know to wait until the ground is soft.
You’ll know that when you do return,
I will tend to you for all the springs to come.