Sunday, March 2, 2008

Farmer Beezer's Spring Report

Hi there fellow Farmers!
Beezer here with the Spring Has Sprung report.
Whether you are a big time farmer with a whole garden or just have a windowsill in an apartment, like me, its time to start thinkin' about the cat grass plantin' season.

This season I tried somthin' new. I had mine mombean go to the health food store to get my seeds. Here is what she got:
Its called 'Organic Sprouting, Hard Red Wheat Berries'.
What that means is its all natural, nothing added, and ready to grow.
Now there are 2 kinds of Red Wheat, hard and soft; tell ya the truth I don't know what the difference is, but the hard kind is workin' great for me. Oh, and 'Berries' is just fancy way to say 'seed'. Just have your bean go in to the health food store and ask for 'wheat grass seeds', make sure ya tell 'em its fur growin' yer own, and I'm sure they can help you out.
Best of all it only costs 59 cents a pound! Heck, a little envelope package at the garden store, only enough for 1 plantin' was over 2 bucks! This is a real bargain. We got enough for 4 or 5 or even 6 plantin's for less than 25 cents. I'm sure that you can find that in the sofa cushions.

Here is what it looked like a week after plantin':
Startin' to come up nice huh?

A few days later it looked like this:
Ready for a test nibble I'd say.
Mmmmm, Mmm, Mmmm! Nothin' beats the taste of home grown green goodness.

So, give it a try you'll be glad ya did!

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Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Oh I love seeing the growing progression!! (My Meowmy says that's "evil wheat" but that's because she can't eat it or it makes her sick) I want wheat grass!!