Monday, March 3, 2008

Mao's Poem: Spring Suks

by Maobert Nichols

Spring suks cuz I'm grownded forever.
Spring suks cuz I go owtside never
Unless I go on a stoopid strole
Wich suks cuz the stroler smells like Rocky's poophole.
And I have to share it with Skeezix the rat
Who insists on the frunt seet not the bak
and I'm the topcat so I shood git to pik.
Jeez, Skeeze is as irritayting to me as a tik.
So win Spring gits sprung I git reel krabby
Cuz I wunt to go owtside. Maybey I shood rite deer abbey.
A mancat needs to rome and to servay his domain
But I can't cuz I'm on Prozak and boy is that a pain.
I sleep a millyun howrs owt of evry singul day
Win I shood be owtside soaking up evry last sun ray.
So that's why Spring suks. And that's why my life it suks as well,
Can yoo see I'm waring my kranky pants? Yeah, I knew yoo cood tell.
Spring suks.


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Skeezy said...

Mao, yer entry isn't vary upbeet. Did yoo not understand whut this kontest is all abowt??

Skeezy said...

And yoo know whut? Yer frame was fotoshopped. I think that's aginst the rools.

Mao said...

Shut yer piehole, wite rat.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Mao your poem was awesome and makes me feel really sorry for you, especially about Rocky's poophole.

And don't worry about the frame being photoshopped the rules are "minimal photoshop".

Alexi said...

Annie wants to know why yoo've not ben to see her.

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

yup ... dis iz mi choice fer 1st place! wutta sensitiv an fabyoolus poem.
hahahaha! i'm laffin an laffin.

Max said...

Oh man I'm laffin so hard I can hardly catch my breath!