Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time to Vote!

Please Keep Voting!!!
(We reserve the right to delete comments at anytime to keep this a bit more interesting ;)- Thanks for the idea Karl from the Cat Realm!)

Wow, what a great turnout we've had. We had a total of 68 entries! We want to thank everyone for entered, we hope you enjoyed this contest, I know we did. I'm actually pretty sure it brought my Meowmy out of the winter blahs which is a good thing.

So all of the prize money (totaling $118 goes right to the Meezers (and Bill)! We are so proud of the turnout from everyone, we never dreamed it would get this high!

But....3 lucky entries are also going to get prize packages from Siamese Rescue Center!

First prize will be a Millie Bed! (if you already have one, something else can be arranged if you prefer)

Second prize is a purr pad! (I don't think you can ever have too many of those)

Third prize is a prize pack of nifty toys and maybe some nip.

Bonus Prizes: Queen Snickers would like to sponsor best Ginger and Tuxie in honor of her two Spring born sons. The winners will be judged by Queen Snickers and her mom and each receive a handmade nip toy!

Here's how voting will work. Every blogging cat/woofie/bun in a household is entitled to one vote. You can not vote for yourself or your immediate family members. Place your vote in the comments section of THIS POST in the following format so that my poor Meowmy (who has to work late every day this week) can easily figure stuff out:
Latte votes for "Skeezy's Spring" (Your name and the TITLE of the post not just the name of the cat/woofie/bun)

You will have until March 8th (Saturday Night) to cast your votes. After the close of voting we will have a panel of 3 human judges pick winners from the top 10 viewers votes (none of the judges are affiliated with Cat Blogging so this should be interesting!). Winners will be announced on the evening of March 9th (anywhere from 5pm-11:59pm).